How much will an aircraft appraisal written by an NAAA member Cost?

Fees will vary depending on the type of aircraft, its year, make and model, number and condition of log books, and the length of time involved in completing analyses of all relevant data.


What kinds of aircraft appraisals do you offer?

A1Aviation Group offers NAAA generated aircraft appraisals to better serve individual clients and their specific needs.


How long does it take for an appraiser to finish a report?

It varies on the condition, type of plane and available documentation, among other factors. Once the appraiser has completed the onsite evaluation, five business days is generally a good estimate for the analysis and review. An appraisal includes not only a visual inspection and documentation, but extensive computer research as well. A1Aviation Group — while aware that an accurate appraisal can’t be rushed — works as hard as possible to ensure buyers are not kept waiting any longer than necessary. When the report is complete you will receive a copy via email, followed by a printed report in the mail.


What makes an NAAA aircraft appraiser different than other appraisers?

NAAA-certified aircraft appraisers not only give clients a fair, impartial, objective value for a plane appraisal; they back it up with evidence. Buyers, banks, insurance companies and attorneys can all see how an appraisal was created, with extensive notes, data and photos.


Is a professional aircraft appraisal an approval that a plane is safe to fly?

No. An appraisal is merely the current market value of a plane. A mechanical inspection is needed to determine airworthiness.

Standards of Professional Practice and Conduct.

The National Aircraft Appraisers Association has established rigid standards of professional practice and conduct to which every association member must adhere. It is essential to all parties receiving and relying upon appraisals that these standards be meticulously maintained. You may review the ethics rules that our appraisers work under by clicking here.