What is a Buyer’s Agent?

A NAAA Qualified Buyer’s Agent is a professional Certified Aircraft Appraiser who is an expert in aircraft valuation.

What can we as your Buyer’s Agent do for you?

We work for you, the purchaser. From assisting you in determining which aircraft will suit your needs to the closing on the aircraft you decide to buy, the NAAA Qualified Buyer’s Agent will be there to make the process go smoothly. We will discuss all aspects of your aircraft purchase with you before beginning the aircraft search process so there will be a clear understanding of the type of aircraft you are looking for as well as the basic component make-up that you would like to see and your budgeting requirements.

Next, we search the market place for aircraft that will meet your needs pairing that with your stated budget requirements.  This can be time consuming depending on the condition of the market itself.  If there are a large number of aircraft of the make and model you are looking for on the market the NAAA Qualified Buyer’s Agent must develop and sift through information on each of them to determine which may be the most suitable for your application.  Further investigation of each aircraft’s background must be made so the agent can locate the best of the group and then determine which of those he should personally inspect.

However, this research is only part of the job.  After a particular candidate aircraft is located that seems to fit the mold as closely as possible there is more investigation and research to be done regarding the aircraft’s history, maintenance, and ownership.  Your NAAA Qualified Buyer’s Agent will thoroughly research the aircraft, inspect it personally, write an NAAA Certified Appraisal Report, and advise you on negotiations that are taking place for its purchase.  He or she will also arrange for a thorough pre-purchase inspection, and following completion of that inspection, the NAAA Qualified Buyer’s Agent will follow the deal through its closing to ensure that the ownership is transferred properly.